I crossed the whirlpool of fantasy
to reach the shorelines of myth
there I met the incantatory unicorn
and asked him to tell me his tale.

“I belong to the ladders of legend
a creature of magic and myth
born in the onyxed mirror
a fanciful being of time.

I remember my life in the no time
in the vales and valleys of lore
before man learnt to want only evil
and forgot to love what was good.

Then God in an outburst of anger
sent a flood on the face of the earth
for all the planet to perish
save Noah the son of Lamech
for he and his family were righteous
in the judgemental eyes of the Lord.

From God’s own divine blueprints
out of a cedar he fashioned an ark
for himself and all of his kindred
and a pair of each creature on earth
so their lineage would continue to flourish
after the punitive waters withdrew.

At the time set for boarding
each creature lined up with its mate
then in the chaos of loading
Noah forgot me ashore.

The doors of the heavens then opened
the waters engulfed the whole earth
I wept as the rivers kept rising
and pined as the Ark sailed away.

For many a day did I struggle
opposing the fierce raging storm
when all around me were drowning
and no living creature remained
my spirit exhausted extinguished
my species thus rendered extinct.

I did not live to see the rainbow
or the branch bearing dove of peace
the earth returned to green pastures
nor the glow of the resurgent light.

Now that I am no longer living
I really have no regret
the world through its history has taught me
it is better to live in a fable
than in the turgid reality of now”.

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