a nymph of the forest
of beauty uncompared
too soon in nuptial union
condemned by Stygian spirits
to the dungeons of the dark.

a poet of the lyre
of vocal tone sublime
when florid strains he sang
the rapture of his song
even nature did disarm.

Agonised and anguished
at the taking of his spouse
a luring chant he pines
for the loved one he had lost
then no longer able
to bear this parting pain
he trails the tracts of Hades
imploring her return
his canticle of craving
a poem more powerful than a prayer.

The radiance of his song
illumes this penal realm
the music thaws the furnace
of the anguish of the damned
and as once more his prayer he tones
the judges of the dead
assenting to his plea
allow their captive free.

“Back to the realm of the living she may indeed return
but as you lead her homeward
cast not your glance on her
when the rays of sunlight
caress once more her face
only then may you behold
the beauty of your bride.”

As he starts his journey
straddling the ascent
through arduous rite and passage
towards xanthic noontide light
she in darkness follows
his lyred treble tone
and as they neared the sunlight
it seemed that love had won.

But doubting Stygian covenant
and unable to delay
he turns to set his gaze
on her fair and fragrant frame
his eyes her fleeting vision
for an instant did behold
then in pain and sorrow
he watched her slip away
and all too well he knew
that he again had lost her
this time forever more.

The song now is extinguished
the dulcet tones are mute.

Magician of the Muses
where is your music now?

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