As he walks the forest paths
a youth resplendent and sublime
fatigued from hunt he pauses
to rest his virgin frame
as he stoops to quench his thirst
on the canvas of the lake
a vision he beholds
of skies and clouds and forest trees
and midway in this aqueous frame
an aquatint of splendour
the image of a youth
a mirror of perfection.

Now rested and restored
he reaches out his hand
desirous to possess
the visioned image
he is not aware is him
and as he taints the waters
which now reflect no more
the water song is silenced
the vision no longer there.

Then as the ripples dwindle
and the lake reflects again
beheld invites beholder
the seen becomes the seeing
the mirrored dream returns.

But he who loves his image
with unconsummated love
can take the pain no more
anguished and despondent
weary and forlorn
lays down his mortal body
to take its final sleep.

The waters now in sorrow
turn turgid and opaque
and on their curdled surface
stir his lifeless body
to distant Stygian shores
as mournful sirens pine
nymphs a requiem chant
for him by water sired
to water-grave returned.

Then the lacrymating heavens
bathe the coasting corpse
and as this love-smelt tincture
asperges the lake
a fresh and fragrant blossom
sees the light of day
a legacy bequeathed
by one whose fate it was
to love his mirror image
a fair and radiant flower
to which he gave his name.

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